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As the tubes rupture, a boundless transmission is enabled. 'Transmission' suggests the knowledge and heritage of the site, through past, present and future inhabitations. Transmission is a site specific sculpture for Moreton Bay Regional Council, produced during 2013 2014 in Sydney and Brisbane. 

Utilising 150 metres of steel, realised thanks to intelligent modelling software and advanced fabrication techniques.

Landmark Sculpture
Building Entry Statement
Architectural Intervention


Drawn from a fractured ground plane and connecting into the building, the artwork describes a transmission of knowledge, history and place.

Studio Chris Fox Scope: Design and documentation, engineering, shop drawings, principlecontractor, project management Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council Engineering: Partridge Art Consultant: Brecknock Consulting Building Architect: PDT Builder: Broad Construction Fabrication Drawings: AR-MA Fabrication + Installation: G&V + Lumark

Credits, Collaborators and Consultants
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