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Currently in design development stage, this project is a collaboration with artist and lighting designer Mike Daly. Each of the three bridges is a light-based work that visualises an individual theme. 

Since time immemorial, animals and people have been migrating all over the world, at a multitude of scales. One bridge details the migration of the Curlew Sandpiper between the Mason Park Wetlands and Siberia, depicting 60,000 years of continued migration on the bridge. Another pulses lights using Morse code messages that communicate words of wisdom in the form of proverbial phrases from around the world.

Each of the three parts of this project are being designed to resonate with diverse audiences, and to evoke surprise and delight. The lighting components will draw both pedestrians and cyclists to the bridges, engaging the local community in a multi-sensory experience that is activated both day and night.

Light Artwork
Architectural Intervention


The bridge as a metaphor for exchange and connection is explored through three unique lighting applications that have been inspired by data analysis, social history and contemporary community aspirations.

Three Bridges

Mike Daly + Studio Chris Fox

LVX Global


Credits, Collaborators and Consultants
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