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Chris Fox was commissioned to develop this permanent public artwork sited on the grounds of the Orange Regional Gallery in 2008. In 2016 ‘Ripper’ was relocated following the redevelopment of the precinct for the Orange Regional Museum by Crone.

The crane is breaking, unravelling and buckling under the weight of an unknown volume. Its own internal contradictions are submitting to the continuing cycle, being absorbed back into the land.


The work reflects the social and physical transition of this significant place, evoking the history of industry in the region, and white settlement on the land of the traditional custodians, the Wiradjuri people.

Stainless Steel Trusses And Frames, Core-ten Steel Plate Base, Concrete Footings, Chemical Anchors, In-ground Lights, Mounded Earth.

Artist: Chris Fox
Client: Orange City Council - Orange Regional Gallery + Museum
Architect: Crone
Photography:  Tom Ferguson, Troy Pearson, Chris Fox, Vince Lovecchio

Credits, Collaborators and Consultants
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