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Studio Chris Fox were engaged to work closely with Crone to develop a unique podium for this Hotel Tower in Sydney’s CBD (DA approved). The team were tasked to draw people from the main street, down the redeveloped laneway and into the building itself. 

Studio Chris Fox wanted to create an artwork that gave something back to the public domain, by creating a pedestrian marker for this busy street that sparks peoples imaginations. The outcome is an architectural intervention that is literally woven into the fabric of the building. 

The Studio Chris Fox team has used complex computational scripting tools to recalibrate the grid geometries of the building’s fenestration, resulting in a whimsical twisting form of surprise and delight. The work explores ideas of connection and communication; both in real space-time as well as alluding to contemporary forms of communication. 

The structure is cleverly integrated into the design by ensuring early communication and an open design process. The intervention arcs and turns above the heads of pedestrians, playing with their perception of the geometry of a window by defying the structured grid. This work fulfils the brief to create a tower podium that generates intrigue and attention.

Landmark Sculpture
Building Entry Statement
Architectural Intervention


Integrated into the podium level of a new CBD hotel tower, this pedestrian marker sparks peoples imaginations and draws them into the laneway.
Pitt Street

Studio Chris Fox Scope: Design and documentation Building Architect: Crone

Credits, Collaborators and Consultants
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