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The project seeks to form collaborations between different parts of the community specifically the creative arts practitioners, industry and the local community. Hinged off the idea of research and investigation, the project provides a frame to which a diversity of the program can be facilitated.

The research will be focused to materials and production. The key element of the facility is creative production, not of large production runs, but prototypes and elements, which could go to production, exhibition, and installation.

Though the discussed context of artist collectives and creative networks, and their disruption to allow for economic growth of the city, we can look at a more robust model of combing industry and the arts. It aims at the creative sector to be considered as an integral part of the daily city life.

Urban Design, Architecture


The project provides an infrastructure for
expanding program - combining industry with creative practitioners and the community.
Materials Research Facility
Credits, Collaborators and Consultants
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