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Drawing inspiration from the precinct’s rail history, SCF worked with the salient geometries of the railroad switch; the point at which a train can change its course, moving from one trajectory to another. 

The work is a tribute to the diverse stories and journeys of people connected with the Eveleigh Rail Yards. 'Interchange Pavilion' combines robotically moulded glass reinforced concrete, 1400 pieces of router cut Australian hardwood and 250 metres of stainless steel ground rails. Studio Chris Fox designed, modelled and managed each component of the project with a computational workflow. 

The result is a 350 square metre public art installation that has created a new flexible meeting place and community event space, rich with heritage meaning in this unique rail precinct.

Urban Design


The pavilion is a meeting place where tracks converge, a place of interchange where paths cross.
Interchange Pavilion

Studio Chris Fox Scope: Design and documentation, engineering, shop drawings, principle contractor, project management 

Commissioned by Mirvac (South Eveleigh) 

Curated by Carriageworks (Daniel Mudie Cunningham) Engineered by Bollinger+Grohmann (Sascha Bohnenberger) Aluminium Fabrication and Installation by Lumark 

GRC Fabrication by Shapeshift 

Timber Fabrication by Wright Marine GRC and Timber Installation by ACS Groundworks by Diversified Lighting by Westudio and OnPoint Landscape by Aspect and Jiwah 

Photography and Videography: Josh Raymond

Credits, Collaborators and Consultants
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