The artistic approach for the facade of Equinix Data Centre was to envision the hundred-meter-long wall as a reservoir of knowledge and information; an accurate description of what lies within. 

As new ideas emerge and new data stored, ripples are formed on the reservoir surface. These rippling forms signal the constantly evolving transference of data within. This intervention was created using a force model where the reservoir surface is placed under the influence of a geometric progression algorhythm using parametric and computational modelling. The artwork produces an articulated, undulated and rippling surface across the Equinix Data Centre. 

The potential of this artwork is to transform the aesthetics and amenity of the space while granting residents, workers and visitors a landmark site. The artwork adds to the local community a sense of identity that also speaks to the core of the function and workings of the Equinix Data Centre in Alexandria.

Sculptural Facade


As new ideas emerge and new data stored, ripples are formed on the reservoirsurface.


Studio Chris Fox Scope: Design and documentation, engineering.

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Gadigal Country, Sydney, NSW Australia

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