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SMH: Problematic? Mesmerising? Intrusive? The giant exhaust stacks set to divide Sydney

2 September 2022, Michael Koziol, The Sydney Morning Herald

It’s the latest piece of public art poised to polarise Sydney: an ambitious sculpture of twisted steel, zinc panels and green plants adorning – if not quite obscuring – a trio of enormous exhaust stacks at the Rozelle Interchange.

City West Link motorists would have already spotted the first shrubs affixed to the easternmost tower, while the other two remain bare concrete slabs jutting out of low-rise Lilyfield.

They will sit above a massive underground spaghetti junction on the site of the old Rozelle railway yard, where WestConnex meets the Anzac Bridge, City West Link, Victoria Road and The Crescent – and eventually the Northern Beaches Tunnel.

The scale of the chimneys is imposing: nearly 40 metres from road height, the equivalent of about 12 storeys. Chris Fox, the Sydney architect and designer tasked with beautifying something many regard as an unsalvageable monstrosity, said it was clear from the start the stacks “would become part of a new horizon line of the city”.


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